Sunday, April 29, 2012

SI-56937. Official card #410

This very old card is going to finish this week. It arrived on 27th April from Slovenia. Jakob sent it. The card is printed on 1959. Wow, that is old... I love it :o) And the stamis cool too. Thank you so much Jakob. It is so great card.
The Slovene Popular Art on Forte-Parts of Bee-Hives

NL-1180982. Official card #409

Few more quick posts before I'm getting to bed :o) On 26th April was on my mailbox a big cruise ship. Actually a card with cruise ship. It is sent by Wouter from the Netherlands. I have been in one of the similar ship then I went to Sweden. It was too long time ago... These ships are like a small city. So much things do too and see :o) Thank you so much Wouter for this great card.

M/S Stena Germanica - Stena Line

FI-1407398. Official card #408

Aren't big sail ships fantastic. Pirkko from Finland sent this fabulous card. It arrived on 26th April. That is one amazing painting and it came with delicious looking stamp :o) Thanks so much Pirkko. Love it!

"Soumen Joutsen" 1902, Hakon Sjöström

NO-61486. Official card #407

Kristel from Norway sent this beautiful view from Norway. This card arrived on 24th April. I'm so amazed by Norway landscape. Those beautiful mountains and blue fiord... They are fabulous. I'd like to go back in Norway. I haven't been in so far north as Narvik is. Thank you so much, Kristel, for such a fab card. Love it.

Narvik, Norway

RU-910355. Official card #406

On 24th April arrived fabulous nature view card from Russia, sent by Anya. My favorite time of the year is summer. I like warm weather and everything smell so good on this season. Grain fields are awesome. Specially then they have some flowers in side. Probably farmers don't like flowers in grain but I'm not a farmer :o) Thank you so so much Anya for this gorgeous card.

Russia. Photo by Kirill Sokolov

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cards from Canada

I have some more cards to share from Friday's mail. All these fabulous cards are from Karli. She lives in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have finally memorised how to spell 'Saskatchewan' :o) Can you spell it, without looking? With each card she has sent, I'll learn more and more of Saskatchewan. I love to spell that - Saskatchewan :o) 
Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan. The river on the card is Saskatchewan River. The big building on first card is a hotel. It looks very pretty. The rowan tree reminds me a trip to Saaremaa (largest island in Estonia) 8-9 years ago. My mother, brother and I took a picture in front of a small rowan tree. Few years ago we visit this place again. The tree has grown a lot :o) I have many rowans near my home too, but somehow, then I see a rowan tree I think of the tree in Saaremaa :o)
I love all cards and stamps so much. There was also many lovely stickers and lats of things to read :o) Thank you so so much, Karli, for fantastic cards. And big thanks for being such a great person :o)

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Canadian Prairie fields, Saskatchewan, Canada

Regina Skyline and Wascana Park. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Capillery (Running Horses maquette) 2007. Joe Fafard

Travelling envelope RR ~ Wishes

On 9th April I sent almost plain envelope to Japan. After small stop on there, it travelled to Finland. On 20th April it was back on my mailbox :o) suikatou (from Japan) and mimmuska (from Finland) covered my envelope with beautiful stamps and stickers. They ware also so kind and filled the flight plan (not like me, who forgot to mark the arrival date before scanning the cover). Thank you both so much for full filling my wishes and sending me a fantastic cover. Love it!

FI-1393849. Official card #405

I got one official card on this week. it arrived on 17th April from Finland. Ilkka sent this lovely card with painted pine trees and nice lake on horizon. It's really gorgeous. I think the card celebrate the anthem of Finland.  Thank you so much, Ilkka, for beautiful card. Love it!

O our native land of Finland

Google trans: Our country Song  150
13. May 1998 marks the 150th anniversary of the Frederick Pacius, and JL Runeberg's lyrics by singing our country, presented to students in the spring celebration Kumtähden field in Helsinki in 1848

Monday, April 16, 2012

PL-389567. Official card #404

And last card of last week. It arrived on my mailbox on 11th April. It was sent by Makoto from Poland. The city on the card seems fabulous place to live in. It is right by the side of water and there are lovely mountains near. So beautiful. Thank you so much, Makoto, for sharing it with me. Love it and also this adorable stamp. So cute :o)

Let your life will not be fruitless

NL-1139490. Official card #402

Ooh, sea, it's so fantastic :o) This card is sent by Saskia from the Netherlands and it arrived on 10th April. Question on the card says: Can you feel the breeze? Oh, yes, I do :o) I'd love to go by the sea right now and enjoy the splashing waves. Thank you so much, Saskia, for fab card. Love it!

SE-35612. Official card #402

It has been long time since I got a card from Sweden. This fabulous card arrived on 10th April and was sent by Kjell. This card is older then I am :o) It is printed on 1979. So awesome. I love this view. Sunset is gorgeous and waves splashing against the rocks... Fantastic. I like the postal mark too with little chicks. It's adorable. Thank you so much, Kjell. Love this card!

Everyman's right gives you the responsibility
Text On back: Vi på Posten vill gärna uppmärksamma Naturvårdsverkets maning:
Välkomna till våra fina skärgårdar! Men var rädd om  dem! Skräpa inte på hällarna - då förstörs de. Tänk på att inte får gå iland överallt. En del områden är skyddade t ex för djurlivets skull.

Google translation: We at the post office would like to draw attention to the Environmental Protection Agency's call:
Welcome to our beautiful archipelago! But be careful with them! Do not litter on the rocks - then they are destroyed. Remember to not go ashore everywhere. Some areas are protected for example, for wildlife's sake.

RU-877036. Official card #401

I'm getting later and later with sharing my cards.  First I uploaded them on my blog daily, then few days later. Then I posted them by the end of the week... Now it's already Monday and I haven't showed any card from last week. So sorry.
This beautiful old looking came on 10th April from Russia. It was sent by Julia. Card shows the Moscow in 19th century. It is so pretty. If you look the card closer, you can see the horse wagons :o) I love those wooden boats. They are awesome :o) It is so cool that the card came with matching stamps. On them is also Kremlin. Thank you so much, Julia. Love this card.

Moscow. View of Kremlin. 19th century

Sunday, April 8, 2012

TH-98767. Official card #400

It's my 400th received card. Hurray! It is fantastic card to celebrate this big number :o) This card is sent from Thailand by Namwan. It is so gorgeous green house. Namwan says that it is on a small island. I'm sure I'd love in there :o) Thank you so so much, Namwan, for fabulous card. Love it!
What do I do with my old head?... Forgot to say that the card arrived on 4th April. Did I said that I love this view? I think I did :o) but I'll say it once more. Love it!
Koh Sichang, Thailand

FI-1385401. Official card #399

We still have few more hours left 'til the end of the day. Happy Easter! I don't remember any Easter with a snow fall. We have more snow right now when we had at Christmas. So strange... But back to the cards :o)
Jarno from Finland sent this lovely card. It is actually my second copy of this card :o) Other one came also from Helsinki :o) So fun :o) I'm not surprised if I get third copy too 'cause it fits perfectly on my PostCrossing profile: water, blue and graphic :o) Thank you, Jarno, very much. It is beautiful card. Ooh, and the stamp... so awesome! Fantastic blue mailbox on a sunny summer day. Love it.
"Boy who tried to cast pearls from the moon" Rudolf Koivu (1890-1946)

Surprise card from Croatia

I love surprises :o) Nataša wanted to bring a smile to my face. It succeeded :o) This gorgeous card arrived on 3rd April. Love it so much and this cute stamp. So adorable. Croatia is on 1st place on my 'I want to visit' country list :o) I know that I'll go there one day and can see this beautiful blue sea. Mean while I am very happy for every card from there :o) Thank you so so much, Nataša. You are so sweet :o)

Brijuni Istria, Croatia
Photo: Igor Zirojevic

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Swap from Thailand

This is the last card of the week. What a perfect card to end the week and start a new month :o) It is sent by Bombam from Thailand. It is brilliant in both sides. I wish I could share both sides with you but 'cause I wouldn't like that someone upload the text I have written, I can't do that. But believe me, the other side of the card looks as pretty as the front side :o) Thank you, Bombam, for so gorgeous card and lovely stamps. I really love everything about this card!

FR-200120. Offiacal card #398

David from France sent two cards from his trip to Singapore. They arrived on 30th March. I'm sorry that I don't have access to free ad-cards. Often they are really cool and fun. So it's great to get them from others countries. Behind the "Kinder? Klasse!" card  is a QR Code but I don'r have a smart phone to read it. It makes me curios, what it sayd :o) Thank you, David, for sharing them with me and thank you also for nice stamps. 

Dragon Surprise

In the end of the last year I read abuout Singapore Philatelic Museum and their Dragons Exhibition. They asked cards with dragons from all over the world. I sent them one from Estonia. On Wendsday arrived a card back from this museum. It is so fabulous! Most sweetest about it is the personal message. It made my heart warm. How sweet of them to take time and write everyone back with different message.  And what a cute card and lovely stamp... I feel so special :o)

NL-1120740 Official card #397

On Wednesday, 28th March, I got two amazing surprises. One of them was this official card from the Netherlands, sent by Thea. It is third official card I receive from this family :o) So cool! Isn't it? :o)
I had no idea that a squash can look so nice on the card :o) I love the blue and green together. I don't eat squash but it sure looks great on this photo. Inside the envelope was a piece of Dutch newspaper. I think that this family really wants me to learn their language :o) Just kidding. It is actually nice to see something more from others countries. Thank you, Thea, for bringing a smile to my face :o)

RU-839094. Official card #396

And last but not least card from Mondays mail comes from Russia. It was sent by Marina. I just can't get enough of sea images and lighthouses :o) Really love this card. Did you noticed that two out of three cards from Mondays mail came with car stamp :o) It's so fun. I love coincidences :o) Thank you so much, Marina, for fabulous card and nice stamps. Love them.

Lighthouse Provorotniy, Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea

GB-311463. Official card #395

Brilliant card are keep coming :o) This is sent from UK by Louise. It is one of the largest tree houses in the world. It's so cool. I'd love to see it from inside too :o) It must be great in there. Love this card so much. Thank you, Louise, for brilliant card. It's perfect!

The Tree House Alnwick Garden, is one of the largest wooden tree houses in the world covering a area of around 6000 square feet.

CZ-175362. Official card #394

Monday was fantastic card day. I got three beautiful cards and the all were amazing. I'll start with card from Czech Republic, sent by Štěpánka. This view is from Jurava National Park. It is sooo fabulous. I love the mossy stones and Creek. And the red mushrooms are so pretty on there. It is superb card. Thank you so so much, Štěpánka, for sharing it with me and also for nice stamps :o) I love this card!

Šumava - Bohemian forest. Widra. Czech Republic