Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swap from Poland

Marlena from Poland saw this Collie card in my favorites and asked to swap with me. I am so very happy to finally get this card. I had a similar dog. He wasn't pure breed Collie but he had a same personality. He left this life too early due to terrible accident. He was only 7 y.o. I miss him so much. This is old card. Well maybe old is too much to say 'cause it is printed on the same year I was born :o)
Envelope with her cards arrived on Friday, May 25th. Collie card was only one I certainly wanted, others two are selected y Marlena. She did an excellent  job. They both are gorgeous. I also love the sentiment on blue card. Marlena was so kind and translated for me :o) I love this delicious looking stamp too. Can't wait until raspberries are ready to eat :o) Thank you so so much, Marlena for this awesome swap. You made me very happy! 


"Thanks to friendship, I become more peaceful, thanks to peace - friendlier"

Chancza, Poland

Swap from Croatia

Silvan from Croatia asked to swap a card with me. I happily accept 'cause I'm slightly obsessed from this country right now. I'm planning my trip to Croatia for several months now but with no success. I still keep hoping. With every card from Croatia, I want to go there more and more.  Silvan also sent me their coin. Now I have a little 'seed' for my trip :o) Just joking, I'll keep this coin with my card :o) He also added a lovely stamp from New Zealand. Thank you so much, Silvan, for gorgeous card and everything. Love it!

Zlatni Rat, Croatia

NO-62544. Offical card #416

On 24th May arrived a card from Germany with a Norway ID code. It is sent by Jörg who travelling right now. I'm really happy that he sent a card witch shows Norway. It's such a beautiful country and I don't have too many cards from there :o) Thank you, Jörg, so much for awesome card. Love it!

TH-104668. Official card #415

Something really awesome arrived on May 23rd - a fabulous card from Thailand. I love the evening colors on the card and the bridge looks so awesome with its tall tower in the middle. The ship is really cool too :o) And what an amazing stamps it came...The hole lenght of the card was full of stamps and they all are so fab. On the smallest stamp is a Thai phrase "Suk-sam -wan-kerd" whish means Happy Birthday. Thank you so so much, Nina. You made my day! Love everything about your card.
Rama VIII Bridge Bangkok Thailand

TW-554516. Official card #414

I have one more card from May 21st to share with you. It comes from Taiwan and shows very lovely looking hotel. I like the shape of this house and all this greenery and pound around it. Looks like a cozy place to stay. Thank you so much, Tuan-Lan, for very beautiful card. 

Shin Ming Shan Holiday Inn

JP-270657. Official card #413

Does this place really exists? Ooh, wow, it looks like a scene from some fantasy movie. Absolutely gorgeous! This waterfall seems to be huge. I love how trees grow next to it. It would be amazing to see this place with my own eyes. Thank you so much, Mikuni, for such a fabulous card. I also like the stamp. I'm so so happy. Monday, May 21st was a brilliant cards day :o)

Swap from Netherlands

Isn't it gorgeous?! I'd love to visit Netherlands in spring then all the fields are full of Tulips. It must be so awesome sight. Oksana from Netherlands sent it and it arrived May 21st. It's very gorgeous card and the heart shape cut-out is so cool. Thank you so much, Oksana, for fab swap. Love this card.

Swap from Poland

Marta from Poland asked to swap a card with me. I'm so happy about it :o) Tigers are my favorite wild animals. They look so adorable and soft :o) This card arrived on Monday, May 21st. Thank you so much, Marta, for superb card.

Monday, May 21, 2012

NL-1218562. Official card #412

Carla from Netherlands sent this lovely lime green greeting card. Isn't it cute It arrived on May 16th. I like the fresh and bright colors of this card. Maybe one day I use it as inspiration to make a handmade card :o) Thank you, Carla, very much for this pretty card.

Swap from Ukraine

On last week, May15th, I got fantastic envelope full of all kind of fabulous cards and stamps. Natali from Ukraine sent it to me. Ooh wow... What an amazing cards they are! I love all of them. I'd like to see the Black Sea and Crimea. Maybe I'm lucky enough to visit this place some day. Nataly added many beautiful stamps inside the envelope and some was pasted on the cards as well. I don't care to I get cards with or without envelope, but I do like if they are stamped. Even if they are stamped with old used stamps. Actually used stamps make it even more special :o) Thank you so so much, Natali, for such an awesome cards. Love them so much!


Kerch. Ship-Rocks, Crimea

Crimea, The Swan's Nest

Sevastopol, Cape Fiolent, Crimea

The Raphael Hall, The Hermitage, Sankt-Peterburg

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cards from Canada

This week I have three more beautiful cards to share with you. They are sent from Canada by Karli. And they arrived Friday, May 11th. 
Oh boy, what a fabulous envelope it is and all these goodies inside. Fantastic! Seems that it has a rough journey but at least it arrived safely. I don't mind some wrinkles on the cards. It only shows how far it has travelled. 
Karli sent this amazing card with painting of Titanic. It looks like photo. I love paintings which look realistic. I'm stunned by skills of artists. This card is even more superb 'cause it shows ship and ocean and on the envelope is matching stamp. So awesome! Love it!

Titanic Maiden Voyage'
Original oil by E.D Walker
Titanic on her maiden, trans-Atlantic voyage in mid-ocean, heading for the New World,

With every card from Saskatchewan, Canada, I'm sure I want to visit it one day and see all this beauty with my own eyes. Isn't it gorgeous place. I love this tranquil water and reflection of the trees on it. Seems that any moment now the fish will jump off the water and catch the fly :)

Gem Lakes - Near Nipawin, SK
Image by Kymber Palidwar

And one more serene view. So magical! I love the colors and this lovely tree silhouette. Wait a few seconds and couple in love will row with their boat on the lake :) Stunning view!

Sunset in northern Saskatchewan, Canada

Karli kept surprising me. She is so sweet :o) Beside the marvelous stamps on envelope she added some extra stamps for me :o) On the stamp is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It's from the third edition of the Diamond Jubilee package. So majestic and blue :o) Gorgeous stamp!

 It's always confused me then people in movies tell: "give me a nickel", "It's a dime". What does it mean? Thanks to Karli, this mystery is solved :o) She sent Canada cents and also explanations on side. 25 cents is 'quarter', 10 cents is 'dime', 5 cents is 'nickel' and 1 cent is penny. 
Unfortunately I couldn't make a very good picture of these coins. They are so shiny. Like they are polished :o) These coins are with so beautiful design. I love that they all are different and shows something Canadian.
25 cents, 10 cents, 5 cents, 1 cent

 Thank you so so much, Karli. You keep surprising me every time :o) Do you have any idea how happy I am to know you. You are Super!!! I love all your card so much and stamps and these lovely stickers and absolutely everything! Thank you!

Surprise from Canada

I got eight cards in this week from four different people and free of them was from Canada. I didn't expect any of them. Aren't Canadians nicest people in the world or what?! 
Both cards was sent separately but they arrived together on Friday, May 11th. Deanna from Canada sent them. If you watch stamps closer you can see that our main post office in Tallinn has put postal marks on stamps also. So strange :o)

The moose is one of the Canada's most massive mammals. A cow moose, such as this mother with her young, may weigh 360 kg (800Ibs).

I love both cards so much and stamps as well. I like big animals and these baby moose are adorable. And both cards shows water, which I love ooh so much :o) It would be so cool to go white water rafting but I think I'd be scared too much... 
Thank you, Deanna, so so much for awesome surprise. You made me so happy :o)

White water rafting

Surprise from Canada

On Tuesday, May 8th, I got awesome envelope from Canada. Jaime surprised me with something so fabulous! I'm born in year of the rat but 4 years ago I had no idea what PostCrossing is and I also didn't think much of the stamps. So after joining with PostCrossing I've secretly hoped to get a stamp with Year of the Rat. I've never seen any, not even Estonian stamp :( You cn imagine my joy then I saw it in my mailbox. I was so happy :o) I actually stood there and just watched it and wondered: "Is it really for me? Yes, there is my name on it... Should I opened it?" Yes, I thought few minutes before I dared to open it :o) The envelope it self was so awesome that I didn't even care is it something inside or not :o) I did opened it finally and I was even more stunned. Inside was two cards from my wall of favorites. It was so amazingly superb surprise. Thank you so so much, Jaime, for such a fabulous RAS. You made me so so happy. I love this stamp and cards. I would like the stamp even if it was alone but because it is on full sheet it makes it even more fantastic. You are so kind, Jaime. Thank you from bottom of my heart!

Lions Gate Bridge.
The lion Gate suspension bridge connects North Sore with Vancouver, crossing it you will get amazing views of Stanley Park and downtown Vancouver.

RU-939953. Official card #412

On Monday, May 7th, arrived this wonderful black & white card from Russia. Dina sent it to me. I did some googling 'cause I thought that this ship can't be from Russian. I found out that it is actually in Scotland and this mighty bridge is called the Forth Rail Bridge. That is really awesome card. I like the mystery of it. And ofcourse the ship and the bridge too :o) Thank you so much, Dina, for fantastic card.

Smit Young and Forth Rail Bridge, Scotland

Sunday, May 6, 2012

BY-433173. Official card #411

On the last say of April, I found this beautiful night view from Belarus. It was sent by Seta. Night lights of the city are kind a mystical for me. So colorful and gorgeous. The card shows the General Post Office in Minsk. Oh boy, what a huge post office :o) It looks so magnificent. Thank you so much, Seta, for this awesome card and pretty stamps. Love it!

Minsk, Belarus. General Post Office. It was opened in 1955