Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swap from Poland

Marlena from Poland saw this Collie card in my favorites and asked to swap with me. I am so very happy to finally get this card. I had a similar dog. He wasn't pure breed Collie but he had a same personality. He left this life too early due to terrible accident. He was only 7 y.o. I miss him so much. This is old card. Well maybe old is too much to say 'cause it is printed on the same year I was born :o)
Envelope with her cards arrived on Friday, May 25th. Collie card was only one I certainly wanted, others two are selected y Marlena. She did an excellent  job. They both are gorgeous. I also love the sentiment on blue card. Marlena was so kind and translated for me :o) I love this delicious looking stamp too. Can't wait until raspberries are ready to eat :o) Thank you so so much, Marlena for this awesome swap. You made me very happy! 


"Thanks to friendship, I become more peaceful, thanks to peace - friendlier"

Chancza, Poland

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