Thursday, June 28, 2012

Travelling envelope RR Special Theme Group~ National costumes

Today was awesome day. Then I got home, this envelope was waiting for me :) I mailed it on June 8th to Thailand. On June 14th it stared it's travel to Malaysia and now, 20 days later, my envelope is back home with fantastic stamps of traditional clothing. I'm so happy. Thank you so much photo313 (TH)  and gemeiliang (MY) for beautiful stamps, for filling the flight plan and for decorateing my envelope. It looks so awesome from front and back side. 
If you wonder why is a Barn Swallow among all these beautiful clothes - I had only one 35 cent stamp with  our folk costume so I saved it. Barn Swallow is our national bird, so it suits on my envelope very well :o)

Stamps from Malaysia, Estonia and Thailand

Back side of the envelope

Swap from China - horyuji

This card is very special :) It is sent by Duan from China. It arrived On Tuesday, June 26th. The card is special because of it's paper. It is made with Dongba Paper. It is traditional paper of Naxi People in South-West China. Thank you so much, Duan. I love the design of the card very much. How can't I - It's blue :o) Thank you also for pretty stamps.

Dongba Painting on Dongba's paper

RU-977122. Officialard #422

Here is my latest received official card. It was sent by Natasha from Russia. Card arrived on this week on Tuesday, June 26th. So many Kremlins on one card :) Actualy there is only two because on two stams are the same Kremlin as on card. I love then stamps match with card :) Thank you so much, Natasha. 

Moscow. Red Square

Swap from Russia - nanitka

In this post I'll share two fantastic cards. They was sent by Anna from Russia. Cards arrived June 22nd. First one shows amazing nature view from Upper Multa Lake. I love those mountains and this gorgeous waterfall and ofcourse this beautiful mountain lake. 
Second card is something I've seen on PostCrossing. Actually it was on my favorites wall. I thought it is selfmade card but it's not. It is so fantatsic card. Love those pretty bird stamps on it. Thank you so so much, Ann. You made me super happy with your cards. I love both cards so much and also stamps on the envelope.

Upper Multa Lake

Julya Yegorenkova "Birds on Stamps"

PH-38149. Official card #421

It has been so long sice I last updated my blog. So I try to make it done before I can't manege it any more :o)
This amazing card came from Philiphines and it arrived on June 12th after traveling 8969 km. It was sent by Hazel. It is perfect card for me. I love thous colorful sails and the card teach me something about the local culture. Thank you so much, Hazel, for sharing it ith me. Love this card and stamps too.

Mindanao - Vinta
The vinta iss a traditonal boat found in Mindanao. Locally known as lipa-lipa or sakayan, its assorted vertical colors represent the colorful culture and history of Muslim community.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

NL-1255183. Official card #420

One more card to share with you :o) It arrived on Friday, June 8th from the Netherlands. Irene sent it to me. She lived in UK before. The card is from that city. How wonderful place it looks. The stone building is actually a bridge... How cool is that :o) Love it. Thank you so much, Irene, for sending this card to me. Love it!

Pulteney Bridge. Bath, Avon, UK

UA-287045. Official card #419

It is so nice that younger kids are in PostCrossing :o) This beautiful card is sent by 9 y.o Ukrainian girl. She's going to be 10 in few days. Habby birthday, Vasilina! The card arrived on June 7th (I think. I wasn't home then but the card was on my mailbox before other card arrived on 8th). I love this view. The bridge looks lovely with its night lights. And the reflection of the clouds and lights on the water is amazing. Thank you so much, Vasilina, for fabulous card and fantastic stamps. Love them!

South Bridge, Kyiv, Ukraine
Photo: Oleg Zharii

DE-1398513. Official card #418

This card is sent by Kathi from Germany. It arrived on Monday, June 4th. The airport on the card seems to be quite big. I'm glad that Tallinn Airport is small. I tend to get lost in these places :o) This is very cool card. Thank you so much, Kathi. I like this card.

Stuttgart Airport, Germany

NL-1234970. Official card #417

I haven't uploaded any card for few weeks now. I don't have lots of them so I'll better share them before they start to pile on :)
This superb card arrived on Tuesday, May 29th, from the Netherlands. It was sent by Bianca. I really love this sea theme card. It's so fantastic! Bianca added some very cool airmail stickers to the back of the card. You can see only one of them in here. Thank you so much, Bianca. Love this card!