Thursday, June 28, 2012

Travelling envelope RR Special Theme Group~ National costumes

Today was awesome day. Then I got home, this envelope was waiting for me :) I mailed it on June 8th to Thailand. On June 14th it stared it's travel to Malaysia and now, 20 days later, my envelope is back home with fantastic stamps of traditional clothing. I'm so happy. Thank you so much photo313 (TH)  and gemeiliang (MY) for beautiful stamps, for filling the flight plan and for decorateing my envelope. It looks so awesome from front and back side. 
If you wonder why is a Barn Swallow among all these beautiful clothes - I had only one 35 cent stamp with  our folk costume so I saved it. Barn Swallow is our national bird, so it suits on my envelope very well :o)

Stamps from Malaysia, Estonia and Thailand

Back side of the envelope

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Sandy Smith said...

Eret what a truly amazing idea!!