Monday, April 16, 2012

PL-389567. Official card #404

And last card of last week. It arrived on my mailbox on 11th April. It was sent by Makoto from Poland. The city on the card seems fabulous place to live in. It is right by the side of water and there are lovely mountains near. So beautiful. Thank you so much, Makoto, for sharing it with me. Love it and also this adorable stamp. So cute :o)

Let your life will not be fruitless

NL-1139490. Official card #402

Ooh, sea, it's so fantastic :o) This card is sent by Saskia from the Netherlands and it arrived on 10th April. Question on the card says: Can you feel the breeze? Oh, yes, I do :o) I'd love to go by the sea right now and enjoy the splashing waves. Thank you so much, Saskia, for fab card. Love it!

SE-35612. Official card #402

It has been long time since I got a card from Sweden. This fabulous card arrived on 10th April and was sent by Kjell. This card is older then I am :o) It is printed on 1979. So awesome. I love this view. Sunset is gorgeous and waves splashing against the rocks... Fantastic. I like the postal mark too with little chicks. It's adorable. Thank you so much, Kjell. Love this card!

Everyman's right gives you the responsibility
Text On back: Vi på Posten vill gärna uppmärksamma Naturvårdsverkets maning:
Välkomna till våra fina skärgårdar! Men var rädd om  dem! Skräpa inte på hällarna - då förstörs de. Tänk på att inte får gå iland överallt. En del områden är skyddade t ex för djurlivets skull.

Google translation: We at the post office would like to draw attention to the Environmental Protection Agency's call:
Welcome to our beautiful archipelago! But be careful with them! Do not litter on the rocks - then they are destroyed. Remember to not go ashore everywhere. Some areas are protected for example, for wildlife's sake.

RU-877036. Official card #401

I'm getting later and later with sharing my cards.  First I uploaded them on my blog daily, then few days later. Then I posted them by the end of the week... Now it's already Monday and I haven't showed any card from last week. So sorry.
This beautiful old looking came on 10th April from Russia. It was sent by Julia. Card shows the Moscow in 19th century. It is so pretty. If you look the card closer, you can see the horse wagons :o) I love those wooden boats. They are awesome :o) It is so cool that the card came with matching stamps. On them is also Kremlin. Thank you so much, Julia. Love this card.

Moscow. View of Kremlin. 19th century