Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cards from Canada

I have some more cards to share from Friday's mail. All these fabulous cards are from Karli. She lives in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have finally memorised how to spell 'Saskatchewan' :o) Can you spell it, without looking? With each card she has sent, I'll learn more and more of Saskatchewan. I love to spell that - Saskatchewan :o) 
Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan. The river on the card is Saskatchewan River. The big building on first card is a hotel. It looks very pretty. The rowan tree reminds me a trip to Saaremaa (largest island in Estonia) 8-9 years ago. My mother, brother and I took a picture in front of a small rowan tree. Few years ago we visit this place again. The tree has grown a lot :o) I have many rowans near my home too, but somehow, then I see a rowan tree I think of the tree in Saaremaa :o)
I love all cards and stamps so much. There was also many lovely stickers and lats of things to read :o) Thank you so so much, Karli, for fantastic cards. And big thanks for being such a great person :o)

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Canadian Prairie fields, Saskatchewan, Canada

Regina Skyline and Wascana Park. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Capillery (Running Horses maquette) 2007. Joe Fafard

Travelling envelope RR ~ Wishes

On 9th April I sent almost plain envelope to Japan. After small stop on there, it travelled to Finland. On 20th April it was back on my mailbox :o) suikatou (from Japan) and mimmuska (from Finland) covered my envelope with beautiful stamps and stickers. They ware also so kind and filled the flight plan (not like me, who forgot to mark the arrival date before scanning the cover). Thank you both so much for full filling my wishes and sending me a fantastic cover. Love it!

FI-1393849. Official card #405

I got one official card on this week. it arrived on 17th April from Finland. Ilkka sent this lovely card with painted pine trees and nice lake on horizon. It's really gorgeous. I think the card celebrate the anthem of Finland.  Thank you so much, Ilkka, for beautiful card. Love it!

O our native land of Finland

Google trans: Our country Song  150
13. May 1998 marks the 150th anniversary of the Frederick Pacius, and JL Runeberg's lyrics by singing our country, presented to students in the spring celebration Kumtähden field in Helsinki in 1848