Sunday, April 29, 2012

SI-56937. Official card #410

This very old card is going to finish this week. It arrived on 27th April from Slovenia. Jakob sent it. The card is printed on 1959. Wow, that is old... I love it :o) And the stamis cool too. Thank you so much Jakob. It is so great card.
The Slovene Popular Art on Forte-Parts of Bee-Hives

NL-1180982. Official card #409

Few more quick posts before I'm getting to bed :o) On 26th April was on my mailbox a big cruise ship. Actually a card with cruise ship. It is sent by Wouter from the Netherlands. I have been in one of the similar ship then I went to Sweden. It was too long time ago... These ships are like a small city. So much things do too and see :o) Thank you so much Wouter for this great card.

M/S Stena Germanica - Stena Line

FI-1407398. Official card #408

Aren't big sail ships fantastic. Pirkko from Finland sent this fabulous card. It arrived on 26th April. That is one amazing painting and it came with delicious looking stamp :o) Thanks so much Pirkko. Love it!

"Soumen Joutsen" 1902, Hakon Sjöström

NO-61486. Official card #407

Kristel from Norway sent this beautiful view from Norway. This card arrived on 24th April. I'm so amazed by Norway landscape. Those beautiful mountains and blue fiord... They are fabulous. I'd like to go back in Norway. I haven't been in so far north as Narvik is. Thank you so much, Kristel, for such a fab card. Love it.

Narvik, Norway

RU-910355. Official card #406

On 24th April arrived fabulous nature view card from Russia, sent by Anya. My favorite time of the year is summer. I like warm weather and everything smell so good on this season. Grain fields are awesome. Specially then they have some flowers in side. Probably farmers don't like flowers in grain but I'm not a farmer :o) Thank you so so much Anya for this gorgeous card.

Russia. Photo by Kirill Sokolov