Monday, May 21, 2012

NL-1218562. Official card #412

Carla from Netherlands sent this lovely lime green greeting card. Isn't it cute It arrived on May 16th. I like the fresh and bright colors of this card. Maybe one day I use it as inspiration to make a handmade card :o) Thank you, Carla, very much for this pretty card.

Swap from Ukraine

On last week, May15th, I got fantastic envelope full of all kind of fabulous cards and stamps. Natali from Ukraine sent it to me. Ooh wow... What an amazing cards they are! I love all of them. I'd like to see the Black Sea and Crimea. Maybe I'm lucky enough to visit this place some day. Nataly added many beautiful stamps inside the envelope and some was pasted on the cards as well. I don't care to I get cards with or without envelope, but I do like if they are stamped. Even if they are stamped with old used stamps. Actually used stamps make it even more special :o) Thank you so so much, Natali, for such an awesome cards. Love them so much!


Kerch. Ship-Rocks, Crimea

Crimea, The Swan's Nest

Sevastopol, Cape Fiolent, Crimea

The Raphael Hall, The Hermitage, Sankt-Peterburg