Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swap from Poland

Marlena from Poland saw this Collie card in my favorites and asked to swap with me. I am so very happy to finally get this card. I had a similar dog. He wasn't pure breed Collie but he had a same personality. He left this life too early due to terrible accident. He was only 7 y.o. I miss him so much. This is old card. Well maybe old is too much to say 'cause it is printed on the same year I was born :o)
Envelope with her cards arrived on Friday, May 25th. Collie card was only one I certainly wanted, others two are selected y Marlena. She did an excellent  job. They both are gorgeous. I also love the sentiment on blue card. Marlena was so kind and translated for me :o) I love this delicious looking stamp too. Can't wait until raspberries are ready to eat :o) Thank you so so much, Marlena for this awesome swap. You made me very happy! 


"Thanks to friendship, I become more peaceful, thanks to peace - friendlier"

Chancza, Poland

Swap from Croatia

Silvan from Croatia asked to swap a card with me. I happily accept 'cause I'm slightly obsessed from this country right now. I'm planning my trip to Croatia for several months now but with no success. I still keep hoping. With every card from Croatia, I want to go there more and more.  Silvan also sent me their coin. Now I have a little 'seed' for my trip :o) Just joking, I'll keep this coin with my card :o) He also added a lovely stamp from New Zealand. Thank you so much, Silvan, for gorgeous card and everything. Love it!

Zlatni Rat, Croatia

NO-62544. Offical card #416

On 24th May arrived a card from Germany with a Norway ID code. It is sent by Jörg who travelling right now. I'm really happy that he sent a card witch shows Norway. It's such a beautiful country and I don't have too many cards from there :o) Thank you, Jörg, so much for awesome card. Love it!

TH-104668. Official card #415

Something really awesome arrived on May 23rd - a fabulous card from Thailand. I love the evening colors on the card and the bridge looks so awesome with its tall tower in the middle. The ship is really cool too :o) And what an amazing stamps it came...The hole lenght of the card was full of stamps and they all are so fab. On the smallest stamp is a Thai phrase "Suk-sam -wan-kerd" whish means Happy Birthday. Thank you so so much, Nina. You made my day! Love everything about your card.
Rama VIII Bridge Bangkok Thailand

TW-554516. Official card #414

I have one more card from May 21st to share with you. It comes from Taiwan and shows very lovely looking hotel. I like the shape of this house and all this greenery and pound around it. Looks like a cozy place to stay. Thank you so much, Tuan-Lan, for very beautiful card. 

Shin Ming Shan Holiday Inn

JP-270657. Official card #413

Does this place really exists? Ooh, wow, it looks like a scene from some fantasy movie. Absolutely gorgeous! This waterfall seems to be huge. I love how trees grow next to it. It would be amazing to see this place with my own eyes. Thank you so much, Mikuni, for such a fabulous card. I also like the stamp. I'm so so happy. Monday, May 21st was a brilliant cards day :o)

Swap from Netherlands

Isn't it gorgeous?! I'd love to visit Netherlands in spring then all the fields are full of Tulips. It must be so awesome sight. Oksana from Netherlands sent it and it arrived May 21st. It's very gorgeous card and the heart shape cut-out is so cool. Thank you so much, Oksana, for fab swap. Love this card.

Swap from Poland

Marta from Poland asked to swap a card with me. I'm so happy about it :o) Tigers are my favorite wild animals. They look so adorable and soft :o) This card arrived on Monday, May 21st. Thank you so much, Marta, for superb card.